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Just like shoes are the foundation of fashion, tires and wheels lay the groundwork for a great-looking vehicle. Give them the same care as you do the fenders and glass by using these wheel and tire cleaning products. It’s important to keep your tires and wheels in prime condition. Certainly, we can provide a solution with a variety of wheel and tire cleaners for proper Wheel / Tire Care!

Whether you value them for the hands-width of rubber that grips your vehicle to the road or the further opportunity for you to make a bold statement with your rim choice, you can’t understate the importance of the wheels and tires on your car. Treat them with the respect they deserve. As eel, keep the dirt, grime and brake dust at bay with products that will eliminate these impurities rapidly and effectively. Then highlight and elevate with protective tire dressings. They will restore your tires look to the day that you had them fitted and add a protective hydrophobicity. There are several stages to great tire and wheel care, and we’ll see to it that you don’t miss a step. Our wheel and tire kits are a money-saving way for new users and professionals to get the proper supplies.

Plenty of tire and wheel cleaners, protectants and tools are available for separate purchase to fulfill your Wheel / Tire Care needs.

While it may be easy to overlook those four patches of rubber beneath you, the wheels can greatly impact the appearance of your vehicle. So when they’re scuffed up, rusted, covered in dust and downright neglected, you can bet on them making your entire car look like a serious eye sore, regardless of the brand.

Caring for your wheels and tires involves removing the dirt and contaminants and polishing them. As well adding some additional protection to enhance durability against the harsh road conditions that they’ll encounter. But proper wheel maintenance all comes down to using the right products. They can eliminate stubborn dirt while protecting them against damage and oxidation at the same time. If you use the wrong type of product made from subpar quality, it can actually do more harm than good by oxidizing the finish and damaging the rims permanently.

With our premium, professional grade wheel and tire product line, you can be sure that you’re giving the tires the best care possible. We carry everything you need to keep them in pristine condition for each and every season. Whether you’re dealing with stainless steel, brass or other alloys, our products are useful to be strong enough to handle the most stubborn grime, yet gentle enough to prevent damage.

These essential tire renewal products remove even the toughest stains and sidewalls from your tires. As well, they prevent rust, fading, dry-rot and corrosion to keep your wheels in tip-top shape. The best wheel and tire cleaners feature advanced, high-performance foam to break down stubborn contaminants and reveal a fresh, sparkling finish.

Keeping your vehicle in good condition means taking care of all the essential components, including the wheels and tires.

And once your wheels are free of brake dust and road grime, our tire shine and protectant leaves behind a smooth layer of UV protection. So, they help keeping the damage from environmental factors at bay and add an extra pop of gloss. Wheels get attacked by several kinds of contaminants that paintwork hardly ever comes into contact with. Wheel cleaners are useful to remove this dirt from wheels such as brake dust, road grime, mud, tar, and more. Wheel cleaners should be safe on all surfaces. However, you should always test on a small area before using something on the whole wheel.

Well maintained and clean wheels regularly will enhance the look of the vehicle tenfold and keep you safe when driving. With consistent tire maintenance, cleaning becomes easier to do since there’s less accumulation of dirt and grime to deal with.

Luckily cleaning and protecting your wheels and tires has never been easier with our range of wheel cleaners, tire dressings and wheel sealants. You can choose from a selection of our formulations so you get the right car wheel cleaner for the result you desire. Get a deep, thorough and mirror-like shine in no time with our complete selection. From rim cleaner to wheel cleaner to tire cleaner – we have all you need for automotive cleaning. Give your tires the love and attention they deserve with industry-proven protection, durability, and shine. It will make your wheels look blacker, glossier and ready to take on any road conditions with style.