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Suede / Textile Care products are the answer for how to clean suede leather or how to protect car suede seats. As glorious as any suede suede seat may look, it can easily become the most annoying suede seat to care for. The fact is that unwaxed suede really does not do well with any liquid! Water can alter the appearance of your suede to the point that it begins to look and feel stained. While leather car seats may feel effortlessly cool, taking care of your suede goods requires more time and effort.

In our collection we sell suede / nubuck care products such as suede car seats cleaner is best cleaner for cleaning suede car seats. It helps remove greasy spots and stains from suede and nubuck car seats. As well, suede car seat renovator spray – application that puts the color back into faded suede, nubuck and velour. 

Anyone who has an alcantara fabric interior should browse our selection of textile cleaners and protectants.

They’re made for heavy-duty cleaning power that won’t harm this sensitive material. Just like with our leather cleaners, textile care bundles are available for busy shops. These upholstery products also have non-automotive uses such as clothing and footwear. Upholstery and Alcantara Cleaner is a special foaming car seat cleaner that is designed to gently clean delicate alcantara surfaces. Cloth Car Seats Cleaner – best car seats cleaner for car seats and another products made of textile or fabric.
Upholstery and suede brushes are also great in order to agitate stubborn grime for a more thorough, intensive clean.

We understand that the appearance and maintenance of your car’s interior is just as important as the exterior. Regular Suede / Textile Care will help with that. After all, every car owners would prefer to have a clean, hygienic and fresh interior that they can share with their friends and family when they take a seat in their ride.