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In time, your car starts to show its wear and tear, and car paint correction and restoration will help restore the like-new finish. Paint correction is removing imperfections from a car’s paint by machine polishing. To achieve a flawless finish on your car, you need a polishing machine, compounds, pads, inspection light, and also panel wipe. Our products contain zero fillers. Above all, the beautiful finish you see is your actual paint and clear coat. Nothing to wash away over time.

We stock top quality products and detailing accessories that are perfect for detailing enthusiasts and professionals. For example, car paint cleaner and sealant for damaged paint surfaces. Fallout cleaner – outstanding cleaner for deep exterior paint cleaning. Profiline Ceramic Coating Kit – inclusive car cleaning kit with ceramic coating that bonds to the paint. Profiline Ultimate Cut – professional cutting compound removes marks of P1000 grit or finer, including paint defects. Car Seat Paint – best spray paint to renew or change the color of leather and synthetic leather car seats. Polymer Net Shield – protects the paintwork by means of a resistant network made from organic and also inorganic components. Profiline CutMax – fast-acting and outstanding quality surface finish to remove scratches and inclusions from the original factory paintwork…

Check out a wide range of products from the best world’s brands. Each works gently to protect your finish while precisely abrading away scratches, swirls and oxidation.