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Plastic / Rubber Care – it’s important to maintain and protect your external plastic parts such as trim, rubber, tires, etc. from damaging environmental factors such as UV rays and frost. The dash, steering wheel, seats, some fenders, the console, convertible top, door jambs, tires, and the exterior trim–when you stop and think about it, a large percentage of the car’s surface is rubber or vinyl. Issues you face with rubber and vinyl are cleaning, protecting and beautifying.

The plastic trim on your vehicle is extremely vulnerable to wear and tear. It is less durable than metal, such as the main body of your vehicle, and is susceptible to damage from dirt and grime as well as color fading from harmful UV rays. Both rubber and vinyl are extremely susceptible to sun-provoked deterioration and UV damage. Evidence of this is dry, brittle, fading, cracking and peeling surfaces. Once marked or scratched by road, plastics can be very hard to restore to factory appearance. Therefore, prevention is your best bet to avoid damage. Plastic trim dressings create a protective barrier and can offer UV protection. Stop your plastics from discoloring, fading, and at worst, cracking by treating them with a dressing.

Treated plastic, vinyl, and rubber will regain their original, new appearance and remain protected.

Protecting these surfaces is a must, if you want them to keep their new, fresh look. It’s not a chore and it shouldn’t be an option. On the other hand, dressing these surfaces is an option. Dressing is an aesthetic bonus, though some dressings do double duty. They replenish the look of vinyl and rubber surfaces back to new. However, if you’re a perfectionist, and you want a professionally detailed look and long-lasting life, you’ll want to do all three.

We have different Plastic / Rubber Care products. For example, plastic detailer – best car detailer, perfect for cleaning, protecting, replenishing and maintaining your car plastic parts. Rubber Protectant cleans and refreshes rubber components and maintains their elasticity. Extends the working life of the rubber. Universal Cleaner Stain Remover is a liquid cleaner for plastic, robber, leather, suede, nubuck and textiles. Dash and Plastic Care Sponge is the best car dashboard cleaner for applying car care products to plastic parts in the car’s interior
The treated parts regain their original, new appearance and are protected against damaging environmental factors. Protect your plastic parts from the elements and maintain their condition!